20 Travel Tips For Visiting CUBA (getaway assistance, advice & recommendations) - 20 travel tips for visiting cuba holiday help advice suggestions 750x410

20 Travel Tips For Visiting CUBA (getaway assistance, advice & recommendations)

We visited Cuba in2016 and after nearly 3 weeks touring the island I made up a list of information I wish I had before my holiday july.
This might be my assortment of suggestions and advice i have built to try to assist anybody visiting Cuba.

I looked up assistance videos before my trip that is own the things I learnt while there is actually perhaps not covered generally in most of this videos We viewed on youtube. I assume i am wanting to bring more guidelines completely in a single movie (albeit a somewhat long movie haha).

There clearly was far more to understand, i am certain… but this might be a list that is decent can give you hopefully more direction to analyze when preparing your vacation.

Of good use links:

**Map link towards the very first car that is american location…

**Map link towards the second car that is american location near El Capitolio…

**Link towards the offline map software i personally use, City Maps 2 Go…


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