Alaska Travel Adventures: Mendenhall Glacier Float Trip in Juneau

Alaska Travel Adventures: Mendenhall Glacier Float Trip in Juneau

Hold on for a safe but river-running experience that is exhilarating! Put in during the pond during the root of the dazzling Mendenhall Glacier, and start to become overly enthusiastic by the river and views of towering hills, woodlands and wildlife. There’s lots of every thing in this journey!

Begin with a scenic tour up the Mendenhall Valley. On the shores of Mendenhall Lake, don protective raingear and life coats, and board your raft. Each supports to twelve, and it is rowed by an guide that is experienced. Or, if you’re looking for a experience that is hands-on join a paddle-raft group.

Glide throughout the lake that is iceberg-studded marveling at the 1.5-mile-wide glacier, and set program downstream. The six-mile path combines meandering stretches with Class II and III whitewater. The rapids are completely safe, just exciting sufficient for novices, and right for all many years. A treat for skilled rafters, too! Encounter river features such as Moon Flats and Pin Ball Alley. Watch for the professional photographer on coast whom snaps your photo, recording the excitement of the adventure.

Where the river amounts away, immerse within the views associated with the riverbank, lush woodlands, and 7**************************)-foot that is above the valley floor. Learn about the history that is natural of river. You’re more likely to see eagles that are bald wild birds nesting in rocky cliffs, black colored bears, otters and seals, and salmon during spawning season.

At the haul-out, celebrate with an Alaskan-style treat and toast a cup to your adventure of “Martha’s Mendenhall Madness”. You can also purchase an action photo of yourself as a memento that is lasting of trip you might never forget.

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