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Atlas of a Lost World: Travels in Ice Age America

From the writer of Apocalyptic Planet comes a vivid travelogue through prehistory, that traces the arrival for the very first people in North America at the least twenty thousand years back as well as the items that talk about their everyday lives and fates.

In Atlas of a Lost World, Craig Childs upends our notions of where these individuals originated from and whom these people were. How they got right here, persevered, and finally thrived is a story that resonates from the Pleistocene to the contemporary period. The reduced sea degrees of the Ice Age exposed a land that is vast between Asia and North America, but the land bridge was not the only way across. Different people arrived from different directions, and not all at the same time.

The first explorers of the New World were few, their encampments fleeting. The continent they reached had no people but was inhabited by megafauna—mastodons, giant bears, mammoths, saber-toothed cats, five-hundred-pound panthers, enormous bison, and sloths that stood one story tall. The first people were hunters—Paleolithic spear points are still encrusted with the proteins of their prey—but they were wildly outnumbered and many would themselves have been prey to the much larger animals.

Atlas of a Lost World
chronicles the last millennia of the Ice Age, the violent oscillations and retreat of glaciers, the clues and traces that document the first encounters of early humans, and the animals whose presence governed the humans’ chances for survival. A blend of science and narrative that is personal simply how much changed because the time of mammoth hunters, and exactly how small. Across unexplored landscapes yet become peopled, visitors might find the Ice Age, and their age, in an entire light that is new.

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