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Collect A Bowl Or Two

Collect A Bowl Or Two

In the past couple of years I have had the privilege of traveling to over thirty nations for my operate. Numerous folks tell me that I have a dream job, and I’d have to agree. When I was a little kid, no one told me that there have been jobs offered that you got to travel the globe and create about the issues you saw and knowledgeable for other folks to read. If they had told me, I would have recognized my career goal all along. I would have been the only elementary school kid who knew without a doubt that he wanted to be a traveling journalist. A highlight of my travels has been collecting a bowl or two at every single spot I’ve visited.

I’ve often loved bowls and pottery. I guess it started simply because my father was a specialist potter and so he was constantly at the wheel throwing pots and bowls and other factors. I loved coming residence from school and spending hours just watching my father work on his wheel. I like every kind of pottery he produced, but absolutely nothing could excite me as considerably as a excellent bowl.

So when I started traveling it was only all-natural that I would collect a bowl or two in every place I saw. I wanted to gather bowls simply because I knew they have been something that I liked and that I could put to great use each day. I hate receiving souveniers that I can not place to great use. When I landed in England, the initial nation I visited, I was amazed by how several bowls there had been to select from. I knew it was going to be tougher than I believed to narrow items down to no a lot more than two bowls per nation.

I now have nearly sixty bowls from all around the world. I have bowls from every single continent. Some were made in front of me by a regional potter, others I bought from big warehouses that sold bowls at discount. I have two large shelves in my property exactly where bowl following bowl sits waiting for use. I am continually rotating the bowls I use for cereal and salads and other things.

If you are about to venture out into the world for traveling, I recommend that you pick a wonderful souvenier concept ahead of time. For me, getting a bowl or two has carried out the trick. See if it may well work for you also.

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