FAMILY TRAVEL adventures with a baby - Ep.03 Road Trip Banff and Yoho ...

FAMILY TRAVEL activities with an infant – Ep.03 Road Trip Banff and Yoho …

We are full-time travellers that are discovering the entire world as a household. Watch once we find the stunning Rocky Mountains of Canada.This video is component 1 of 3 videos of our road journey from Calgary, Alberta to Vancouver, British Columbia.

In this video clip we travel through Banff and Yoho National Parks. We explored the turquoise lakes, the snowfall top mountains, and lush pine that is green. A must do experience which should be on every person’s bucket list!

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Who We Are:

Our small family members consists of Remi (Papa/Daddy), Lauren (Maman/Mummy) and Gabrielle. We are an family that is international together we’ve 4 nationalities; Canadian, Australian, French and Bajan.

We love the in the open air, nature, camping, travel and plenty of adventure! We are traveling with Gabrielle we did her first camping trip as a family since she was 6 weeks old when.

We offered our possessions, threw in the towel our jobs and headed out to explore the entire world as a household. Traveling full-time isn’t constantly sunlight and rainbows. It’s challenging and difficult. It takes plenty of company and planning but by the end associated with the we have day
memories within our minds as opposed to things within our pouches … and that’s exactly what we love!

Since having Gabrielle, we’ve traveled Australia, Morocco, France, Spain, Switzerland, China and Canada. In her year that is first of she’s traveled through 5 continents associated with the globe and now we don’t plan to stop.

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