my HONG KONG travel experience.

my HONG KONG travel experience.

Hong Kong had been a fantasy be realized. In my youth, we was raised viewing Vietnamese dubbed Hong Kong film show that my moms and dads rented with a huge selection of VHS tapes. Later on, we relocated onto viewing Hong Kong films and simply expanded deeply in love with metropolitan Asian culture. At long last got an opportunity to see Hong Kong plus it had been one of the better trips i have ever endured. We visited Victoria Harbor towards the the Symphony of Lights. We went along to the Nan Lian Gardens, the Lin Po Monastery aided by the buddha that is giant additionally the Victoria Peak over searching the city below. My journey is no wherein near complete because of the time dilemmas, but i can not wait to see Hong Kong once more.

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About Me: we’m Kyle Le and I also live, travel, and eat in Vietnam and several Asian nations. I am passionate about making videos and sharing contemporary Asia towards the globe. I have traveled every-where in Vietnam, from Hanoi to Saigon – Far North, Central Highlands, Islands, and Deep Mekong Delta – I have checked out here. In addition to 10+ nations in Asia from Indonesia to Thailand to Singapore, you will find every one of my meals, attractions, and daily life experiences discovering my origins into the motherland with this journey that is amazing on this channel. So be sure to subscribe- there’s new videos all the time and connect you don’t miss any adventures with me below so.

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