The Deeper Japanese Travel Experience: Artisans Photography Workshop |...

The Deeper Japanese Travel Experience: Artisans Photography Workshop |…

Japan is an place that is amazing photography is a great way to dive deeper into its beauty. Led by award-winning, bilingual Japanese photographer George Nobechi, gives you an travel that is authentic with photography workshops and trips to get into places and folks many foreigners would not experience.

In this episode Nobechi Creative goes to Tokyo and Takayama with visitor celebrity professional photographer Greg Gorman and model that is international*********************************************************************) Yoko. Featuring the photography that is incredible of master Greg Gorman.

The picture tour is targeted on the planet famous artisans and craftsmen of Japan. A small grouping of worldwide photographers meet and study on miso, soy sauce and benefit manufacturers, ceramicists and musicians, and friendly faces greet all of them as you go along through the bustling metropolis of Tokyo to your snow-capped hills of Takayama throughout the spring cherry blossom season that is beautiful.

Greg Gorman and George Nobechi host a photography that is free with the local community for a standing room only crowd. The photographers then make prints for an exhibition of their photos at the Museum and celebrate with a toast with members from the community that is local.

Nobechi Creative provides numerous art that is free photography experiences in Japan throughout every season, also photography trips and workshops. Subscribe and then click regarding the links below to find out more.

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