traveling alone in Xi'an, China | cigar bar, Xi'an City Walls ...

traveling alone in Xi'an, Asia | cigar club, Xi'an City Walls …


In this vlog, We proceeded a 3 solo trip to Xi’an, China without a plan day. I usually pack my travel schedules out of a fear that is debilitating of down, but this time around I made the decision to provide myself authorization doing whatever i desired. I’d the iconic Xi’an Biang Biang noodles, invested a night that is great a cigar club, visited a sensational bookstore, and took a really current stroll in the Xi’an City Wall.


? 1 day
00:51 resort @ Fairfield Xi’an North facility (very near to the bullet stop)
01:46 Zhong Lou | ?? (Bell Tower)
02:42 dinner @ Lee’s Biang Biang Noodles | ???biang biang?
03:30 Gu Lou | ?? (Drum Tower)
03:38 Hui Min Jie | ??? (Muslim Quarter)
04:09 Starbucks Reserve
04:20 Cigar Bar – Mr. Cuba Whiskey Lounge | ????
? 2 day
06:03 hotel @ Courtyard Xi’an North (nearer to downtown)
06:13 Bookstore – Maxone | ?????
09:03 Xi’an City Wall | ???? (recommend this!!)
10:29 SAGA Mall | ??
10:34 dinner @ Yuan Jian Cun | ??????????
11:18 Giant crazy Goose Pagoda ??? (we went along to a water fountain show through the night)
? 3 day
11:30 using the bullet train
#xi’an #solotravel #chinavlog


G Voz – Sunshine –
Eric Reprid – blues – (* june)
Onistus – Clandestine –
Ryan minimal – airplane mode. –
Mark Generous – White Peony –
Elder Dilemma – Freedom Path Studio

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